Have you ever heard of the adult entertainment site named ThisVid?

If you’re going to ask me, this website has a pretty mundane name. It sounds generic. In fact, it’s clean enough that it might be the next video loop app for millennials.

However, upon checking out this adult platform, I found out that it’s a free video-sharing site. According to its tagline which can be seen on top of its logo, it’s the #1 Place For Your Homemade Videos.

Perhaps you’re already wondering what kind of vids they have. Well, I have a good feeling that you already have an idea.

Anyway, let me warn you that ThisVid isn’t your typical free tube site because it’s so much more. It might look like any other x-rated platform on the Web but it offers kinkier stuff.

I’m not sure how things were like when it started in 2005, but today, I learned that it has tons of blowjob, lesbian, fetish porn, and BDSM flicks. What’s more amazing is the site receives almost 14 million visits every month. That’s huge, right?

I guess it’s now safe to say that ThisVid can offer you stuff that’d leave you drippy and hard.

It’s all about big dicks and other freaky stuff

When I visited ThisVid’s homepage, I noticed that it contains a lot of big hard cocks. I even saw one hairless dude who was stroking his package and a muscular man fapping while smoking a cigarette. Maybe he loves multitasking.

There’s also this one chick who received facial from his boyfriend and a guy in a Spider-Man costume flaunting his assets to the camera. I was even surprised to see a dude who was actually sucking his own cock. Honestly, I’m not gay or anything (not that there’s something wrong with being one), but I might not leave the house if I got that superpower! It’d only take some wild imagination and I can start giving myself a blowjob while thinking of my dream girl.

Apparently, ThisVid is focused on gay stuff as it has over 250,000 gay flicks and 170,000 straight ones.

Like what I said earlier, I’m not gay but I still made sure to savor all the sheer freakiness before switching to the straight clips. I saw an amputee masturbating, a dude who was tied and sock-gagged, and a giant gentleman wearing loafers and crushing cars in a city.

On top of that, ThisVid has grainy videos of hillbillies who are doing nothing. I guess there are some people who have a fetish for sleeping people. So yeah, you can jerk off on these flicks.

If the gay content are already intense, you can expect that the straight section won’t be all about make-out sessions and boring missionary sex either.

When I checked it out, I saw an exotic vixen sucking an unknown man’s dick. At first, it looked like standard stuff, but when I read the title I changed my mind. It read: Sexy Latina Pukefucked. I also saw anal lesbians and amateur squirting.

I think I’ll rate the freakiness of the materials on ThisVid with an 11/10 score.

Tons of kinky categories

On the right side of the page, I saw a sidebar that contains various porno categories. I saw usual categories like amateur, teens, interracial, creampie, and anal. I have to say that they have an impressive collection of amateur vids. I watched the latest addition which is an 8-minute video of a hot MILF masturbating while her husband films the whole thing.

Aside from the typical categories, they also have several kinky ones I don’t usually find on other tube sites. Dude, those categories I’m talking about are banned on other x-rated platforms.

But of course, they’ve got generic ones like Bizarre, Fetish, and BDSM. If you’re wondering about the first one, it’s all about rectal eels, hotties licking dirty public toilets, and anal prolapse fingering. You might also see many flicks that show ass holes getting ruined for life.

There might be some people who are more specific with their Bizarre porno. Luckily, ThisVid has set up helpful tags.

I saw lovely babes with huge bellies getting banged under Preggo Sex. They also have humungous SSBBWs and BBWs under Big Women.

Yes, they have everything that you can think of. Whatever kinky thoughts you have, you can probably find a vid of that at ThisVid.

Here’s my final say

If you feel like standard porn doesn’t turn you on anymore, maybe it’s time to see the kinkier stuff at ThisVid. You can also share your own collection here to your fellow porn lovers.

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