Did you know that porn can also be funny?

That’s exactly the kind of material you’re going to see on ShooshTime. I even remember the first time I stumbled upon this adult entertainment site. The video I saw was something I couldn’t forget. In fact, I still find it hilarious.

The clip was all about a fat dude who was teased by several lovely ladies. He wasn’t sure why he was getting so much attention. All of a sudden, one of the girls pulled down his pants and gave his little pecker a blowjob. She then started laughing as the big dude pre-ejaculate in his XXL undies.

I recall sending it to my friend which made him laugh his ass off the entire night. So apparently, ShooshTime videos are designed to make their viewers laugh. Well, I guess all they got are compilations of standard porn videos. Some materials were only made interesting because of their titles. For instance, I saw films entitled: “Too much cum motherfucker!” and “Yes, I am 18 years old”.

I guess this platform has seen better days. After all, there are tons of sites that feature typical porn content. More or less 50% of links on ShooshTime are hosted by other websites. I was also annoyed by ads that are almost covering the entire page.

The team behind this platform seems to be doing their best in making the site different, interesting, and edgy. Sadly, they can’t achieve their goal most of the time. But of course, if you patiently browse the site, you may find lots of fap-worthy stuff.

Word of advice: If you want to get the best of ShooshTime, you might want to check out the Bizarre section. It may contain pornos that can make you and your friends laugh. While the celeb section is for those people who have a fetish for celebrities in the nude.

Beware of links

Honestly, there’s nothing special about ShooshTime’s interface. As a matter of fact, there’s a lack and excess of features.

On the left side of the page is where I found all of its content while the right side is for the ads. Yes, expect loads of advertisements on ShooshTime.

Fortunately, the vids are organized in a pretty standard way. Some categories I saw were pornstar, HD, babe, anal, and amateur. But what seems weird is they have a “categories” section under categories. It contains the exact same clips only with accompanying photos. I’m not sure what’s the point of doing this but the developers may have a decent reason. Who knows?

On top of that, I saw a “pornstar” category which features various pornstars (obviously). Most of the adult actresses have a handful of flicks that you can check out.

Lastly, there’s a section called “ShooshTime’s Dirty 30” It features random amateur porn images and clips.

Oh, anyway, before I forget, don’t click on the Live Sex Cams link. It’s only an ad. What a bummer, right?

I’m confused because ShooshTime is also confused

One thing I notice about ShooshTime is it doesn’t seem to know what it wants. As a visitor, I’m not sure what its main niche is. Is it an amateur site? A shock site? Ugh! No one knows, man!

But let me tell you this — if you want to see the real sexy stuff, you might want to check out the voyeur and amateur categories. You have to be truly patient with the digging.

The highlight of this platform is the “ShooshTime’s Dirty 30”. It’s where they post 30 random amateur materials every month. If you’re going to ask me, this is one of the features that the creators have put extra effort into. I have to admit that it’s pretty good and you can’t find anything like it anywhere.

The “bizarre” section is also commendable. It seemed to make up for all the confusion. It contains weird and hilarious sex vids.

One of the clips that caught my attention was that of an amateur babe peeping through a keyhole. At first, nothing seemed to be happening but then I noticed her titties are starting to grow in size. From the size of baseballs to basketballs and finally yoga balance balls. You know, those that fit bombshells like to use for exercise. She then began tit-fucking one lucky devil until he cummed.

Here’s my final say

ShooshTime is a decent adult website for people looking for amateur, and weird porno. It’s messy and disorganized so don’t expect a professional experience.

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