At first, I thought Heavy-R was a sort of metal rock band. But it turned out to be better than that because it's actually a porn site dedicated to intense x-rated materials

I don't even know how to start describing the scenes you can find here, but there's one thing I may be sure of: everything on Heavy-R is fucked up. For instance, they have rape porn which doesn't usually exist on other tube sites. 

However, I think putting rape porn as an example to describe this site won't even give it justice. What I found there can be quite disturbing for some people. 

There were chicks who were double penetrated on their bumholes until their poop was all over both penises and a dude in bondage with ants on his entire cock stinging him from base to tip. And many more. 

So basically Heavy-R caters to the most twisted, weirdest, and darkest fantasies.

What is Heavy-R?

After checking out this site, I still wasn't sure what R stands for on Heavy-R. Maybe it's“Rape” or “Really, really fucked up shit”. I guess I'd go with the latter as it perfectly describes this site's content. 

When I was on the homepage, the platform introduced itself by telling me to strap on my latex suit, put on my gas mask, and prepare myself for action. If I knew better during that time, then I might have taken extra caution in watching the videos. 

Now, if you're into mind-boggling and disgusting porno, then Heavy-R can be the best go-to place for you. Whatever that “R” means, one thing is for sure, it helped me “release” my inner freak. 

As of this writing, it already has 161,562 clips and it continues to grow. So if I'm going to explore this niche for quite a while, it's less likely that I'm going to run out of content that can make me cum and cringe both at the same time. 

And honestly, from the moment I arrived at Heavy-R's homepage, I was immediately greeted by some x-rated stuff that I can never unsee. Some titles I saw on this website are: Shit and Cum for Granny, Pooping Mom, French Fries with Cum, and Fist Fucking Destroyed Prolapsed Pussy. And I have to admit, that first title made me feel a bit queasy. 

But hey, it's not always intense here as I also saw some conventional scenes thrown in the mix. Some flicks were: Big Cum Load on Face in Park and Fucking Girl in Pussy and Ass. So yeah, they also serve the usual. I used those to take my mind off the exotic dishes I indulged in before. 

Heavy-R has a straightforward design

Upon stumbling over this porn site, I immediately knew what it has in store for me. I guess the team behind this platform didn't want to waste their visitors' time, so they displayed as many videos as they can on every page. 

And ironically, the site has a clean interface — a white background with a red banner and red text. 

On the left side of the page, I saw the “Today's Favorites” tab that contained thumbnails in a list form instead of a gallery. While on the right, I found the thumbnails of the recently added scenes as well as the top site contributors and featured pics. It really looked like any other normal and decent tube sites out there. But I know that looks can be deceiving. 

On the top of the page, there's a menu bar that contained several buttons such as Upload, Live Sex (this directed me to cams4free.com), Categories, Porn Pics, Browse Videos, and of course, the Home button. It's a pretty standard menu bar that is simple, straightforward, and useful. 

To the right of that menu bar, I found the search box. Here, I was able to key in anything that can help me find my desired content. The login or sign up area can also be seen here. 

Heavy-R has a pretty good media player

I have to admit, there's nothing special with Heavy-R's media player. But what I liked about it was it had no ads and the videos were decent quality. I didn't even encounter any lags or buffering while watching the clips. 

Here's my final say

If you identify yourself as one of the people who are on the extreme end of the porno spectrum, then Heavy-R can be the ideal site for you. 

But whether you have a thing for it or not, it's still worth checking out. After all, we only live once, right? 


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