Can you call yourself a certified porn lover

Well, as for me, I think I am. I even open dozens of tabs just to find the perfect porno movie for my needs. 

But recently, I realized that there might be a better way than opening several tags which only makes my computer run slower. 

Fortunately, I found the perfect site that offers the same services in one single tab. And it’s called Porzo. It’s a porn directory website that offers millions of videos for free. Awesome, right? 

As a matter of fact, it has over 40 million links to adult clips as of this writing. Although Porzo doesn’t host its own videos, it can offer you loads of options. 

This x-rated website was founded in 2005 and since then, it never ceased to offer its visitors with sexy and erotic stuff. It entices almost 10 million people every month. So yeah, that’s thousands of platform views daily!

Porzo has a simple design and interface

Upon visiting this website, I noticed that it has a solid layout and design. It doesn’t have much difference from other porn directory sites on the internet. What really caught my attention was the flashy logo and the dark theme. That’s a plus for me. 

On the header on top of the page, it has various options like Highest Rated, New Videos, Most Popular Videos, and All Categories. 

I was even able to filter the materials by shemale, gay, and straight. And if you’re searching for a specific video, you might want to type your preferred keywords on the search bar. 

On top of that, I had access to the list of sites that are in the same network as Porzo. See? It’s simple and straight to the point. 

The platform was neat and there were no ads that distracted my viewing experience. No annoying redirects and pop-ups that can get in your way while searching for your favorite porno. 

Honestly, that’s the best characteristic that every directory site has to offer. No ads; no problem. 

Tons of categories that you can choose from

Aah… man! The categories on Porzo were freaking impressive. I know that they’re supposed to have lots of links but this platform seemed to go the extra mile just to give its visitors an optimum experience. 

The first 100 popular categories have erotic preview images that I really loved. While the rest are organized alphabetically. If I’m doing my math right, I think there are over two thousand categories

I browsed the category section and some I found were exhibitionists, natural tits, solo, blonde, and emo. You know, for people like me who prefer vanilla sex. 

But if you’re into more hardcore stuff, you may like breath play, lesbian slave play, fisting, cock and ball torture, and extreme anal sex. 

I didn’t get the exact count of vids in every category but when I clicked on one, that’s when I found the video count. And dude, it’s huge! In fact, I found a lesser-known niche named Dares that contains over 22 thousand flicks. 

Clicking on every category will direct you to a page jam-packed with thumbnails. And of course, if you hover on one of those, you’ll get a libidinous preview. 

I was even able to sort the categories according to the source site, video quality, rating, duration, date, and popularity. It’s really amazing that you can sort the vids according to video quality as I hate clicking on a clip that got me excited only to find out that it’s shot in 480p. At least, I get to know in advance which of the tons of options can give me a crystal clear porn movie quality

Awesome options that can come in handy

When it comes to the previews, I have to admit that they’re alright. After all, we can’t expect that much because the Porzo team has over 40 million vids to catalog. And that can be a challenging task for them. 

When I hovered my cursor over a thumbnail, I got a small preview image that included various details like its rating out of 100%, the title or the pornstar’s name, date of upload, and the duration of the video. 

And lastly, there’s also a thumbs up and thumbs down option you might not find on other sites. That means I can rate the clip after watching it. 

Here’s my final say

Porzo is an aggregator site so you can expect to find lots of flicks here from other websites on the Web. 

Enjoy the huge collection! 

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