Shadbase is an erotic cartoon site that has the quality and sexy cartoon porn.Their content is somehow professional but all the same cool. Shadbase is a top-rated erotic comics site that has been around since 2009. The website features some cool sexy fine arts that will amaze you.

Cartoon porn is all the same thrilling, just like real porn. The comics are exciting to watch, and what makes this site the best is how the artists incorporate porn into standard looking comics. If you haven't interacted with erotic carton well, this review will be helpful.

Shadbase was created by some Swedish comic artist popularly known as Shadman. The creator of this site is a crazy porn lover and talented all the shame. Shadman covers any type of erotic content. Shadbase has this crazy comic porn of almost everything you can think of.

The Shadbase Experience

Shadbase is a collection of wild and cool erotic porn that will blow your mind.  The site welcomes you with some of the hottest comics on their pages. This already gives you that mood for this kind of shit. This site is designed to keep you looking. You might spend hours just glued to your screen, thanks to Shadman.

Shadman is a talented dude and he puts his skills to work here. The guy is a genius when it comes to generating the freaky dirty content.  The dude offers some professional content that makes you keep looking and enjoying yourself.

Shadman is one guy who really doesn’t give a fuck. He makes whatever pleases him; this is one guy who doesn't play by the rules.  This has made him loved and hated in equal measure, I would say. He doesn't just care if his content hurts anyone. This is what makes his site stand out. A lot of people just want some reckless comic porn that doesn't play by the rules.

Hardcore Content

Some of his content is all about violence. You will see black dicks raping some chick or some chick being fingered somewhere in a public place. Shadbase would otherwise have been banned in any other country, but thank goodness we are in America. This dude is just controversial, and he loves his content delivered controversial too.

Web Comic

Most of the content on Shadbase is webcomic stuff but you can find other formats like 3D and animations. Shadman usually makes a story or some sort of plot for the webcomics. Some of his additional content is centered around someone getting dicked by force or some other dirty stuff without much of a story.

If you are someone who easily gets offended by racist porn and violence, trust me you don't want to visit this site. This is a site for open-minded fucks who don't care what is going on and some human rights shit or decency. This is for people who just want to enjoy some comic porn without restrictions.

The site itself is quite straightforward with no much complications. The site has a few links displayed. There is the art archive link and other links that redirect you to other Shadman's content, not on Shadbase, as we mentioned before, created a much straight forward website that wants to give you content and that’s all.

Archival Files

The archive contains a wide range of categories mostly porn. Shadbase archives have tones of content ranging from animations to comics all listed by dates of upload. The archive has a lot of exciting content that can be accessed easily by using the dates to filter older and newer content.

What's more hysterical about this dude’s content is how he introduces twists in his comics; one minute a girl is playing with her clit, then the next minute she is being chocked by some huge black balls. This site is just on its own level thanks to Shadman.

Totally Free

Shadbase is free, and you can access all this content for free without paying a cent. There is no premium shit when it comes to Shadbase.  Besides being some sort of a freak this guy is somehow lenient.

Shadman has offered his fans a chance to discuss and talk about his works. Pictures come with a big comment section that allows thousands of discussions and comments by his fans. His work usually gets hundreds of thousands of comments and discussions. That’s how popular the guy and his site are.


  • Free unlimited content
  • Unique and unusual content
  • Straight forward and easy to use website


  • Some ads

Bottom Line

Shadbase is one unique comic porn site that doesn't play by the rules, and that's just the sweetest thing about it.

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