Damp Lips

With the myriad of adult entertainment sites on the Web, it may be challenging to choose only one.

But hey — who even said you need to select only one? You may have favorites but it isn’t required for porn lovers like us to have a default go-to site every time we feel horny. 

Perhaps, it’s even better if you play the field and check out various platforms when you feel your libido soaring and you need to fap.

And not sticking to a single site may also have its benefits. For one, you can watch all sorts of porn and be acquainted with less popular niches. Who knows? You may enjoy those unconventional genres better than mainstream ones. 

That said, if you’re going to visit popular platforms like PornHub or RedTube daily, chances are, you’ll be seeing the same old styles, situations, and girls. So you may want to mix it up a little and introduce variety to your sex life

Fortunately, with Damp Lips, you may experience one-of-a-kind porn (something that you may have never seen before). 

Now, feel free to go out of your comfort zone and expand your porno vocabulary by checking out Damp Lips. 

Damp Lips provides a new perspective to porn

Damp Lips — what a unique name, right? 

Compared to its counterparts, Damp Lips operates a little differently. Once you’re on its homepage, you might notice that it doesn’t have the usual tube site design. In fact, it can even allow you to view it in multiple ways. Wow— so much for being different, huh? 

Going back, it has a cool classic layout with oversized thumbnails and lengthy descriptions that may require you to scroll and scroll. And here’s the thing — you might only find a total of ten scenes on the homepage. See? It’s very unlike other platforms on the internet. 

To the right of the huge thumbnails and long descriptions, you’ll find different tabs that may help you browse the site easier. The first thing that might catch your eye is the popular porn stars list and when you scroll down a little more, you may find the Best Videos Today section. Unfortunately, the videos under this title aren’t linked — it only shows titles and a brief synopsis. 

Below that, you can find other sections like archives, Upcoming Videos, The Hottest Girls, Most Viewed, Trending Videos, and of course, the categories list. 

Damp Lips allows you to have a customized experience

Some of you may be concerned about the aesthetic of a tube site so Damp Lips has thought of giving you access to an alternative layout. Yes, you read that right —- you can view Damp Lips in multiple ways!

If you want it to function quite similarly to what you might be used to, then you can look for the “Tube Page” button and click on it. Doing so will direct you to a page with the classic porn tube design

However, it may not be guaranteed that it’ll be closely similar to what you usually see on other adult platforms because Damp Lips loves being different. 

Instead of a horizontal layout where the thumbnails are arranged into sections, this website has chosen a vertical design. It still has the usual tabs though like Watch Later, Random, and Recent but its categories are separated vertically. 

That said, no matter how you want your porn experience, Damp Lips got you covered. 

Take note that whether you’re on the blog page or the tube page, the header will remain the same.

Damp Lips’ additional features

On top of the page, you’ll see different tabs. If you choose Best Porn, you may be directed to a list of sites that the Damp Lips team likes the most. Some websites are Exxxtra Small, I Know That Girl, Crazy Girlfriends, Step Family Porn, Girls Cum, and Brazzers. 

It also has the Sex Chat section that you may enjoy. Don’t worry, clicking on it won’t bring you a third-party site. Here, you can choose a username and post on the comment section about what you’re looking for. Through this, Damp Lips may increase your chances of getting laid for real. 

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed that they’ll allow photo comments anytime soon. Perhaps in that way, you may have better chances of finding a match. 

Here’s our final say

Although you may find this website weird because of its interface, most of its contents are of high quality and were created by professional studios. 

So if you’re looking to add diversity to your fap sessions, Damp Lips might be the perfect solution. 

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