BabesFeed has given models an opportunity to monetize their clout. It's a successful business tool for aspiring adult industry stars.

While some think that money could only be made on actual work. Social media following is actually a serious business tool where you can make money out of being followed. It's like an adult paysite of a different system.

The fact that more eyes are into you means more money too to squeeze through those bras and panties. It's easy to make money online as an adult entertainment influencer because opportunities become endless.

Welcome to BabesFeed

What is BabesFeed? It's a tool that brings together models, influencers, and obviously pornstars to give them an opportunity to make money through their fans.

Basically, models can monetize their fanbase by taking their clout on the platform and have their own content feed and private messaging functions. It's actually the best way to connect with the rest of the world as influencers converge.

You can feel the passion of the fans more as it acts as a directory for them to pick you as the fairest among them all. Of course, the more popular you are, the more money you make as a model.

Turning influencers to stars

Models can optimize and maximize through an account management dashboard to stay connected with other members. The first step is signing up though.

New members are to sign up for your premium account and the site sends you an email whenever there is a new subscriber. That way, they will be added into your private account to gain access to your own “Members Only” section.

Basically, the entire thing is tracked and controlled in your members section because you're going to have an admin tool to make sure everything is well-handled.

The key to conversion is attracting plenty of fans. BabesFeed helps with that as you're going to have what looks like a social media profile on the site which has a shareable link to make sure fans get updated with the latest.

Premium members are granted one-on-one access to the models and watch the most intimate and raunchy moments a camera could capture.

As for the payouts, BabesFeed gives its models the following payment options to withdraw earnings. These options are SEPA, ACH, CHECK, WIRE, and PAXUM.

The Bottom Line on BabesFeed

The best part about is the fact that you can turn your followers into paying customers and mind you, a lot of them are willing to. Why else would a stranger follow a sexy account? Not all famous people get followed without the expectation of getting something in return. BabesFeed opens up a two-way opportunity for such.

One of the important things to consider here is that the site is a safe space to gain access. Models, for one, can now treat it as a real job while the fans and followers treat it as if they are subscribed to Netflix.

At the end of the day, it's a good way to make money whether sustainable or not. What other complains will you have when you make money out of something you do day-to-day anyway? At least you're already there.

Overall, it's safe to say that has a good future for all social media models.

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