WaysToMeet.com is a dating platform that keeps your dates discreet. It's one of those places where your hookups are kept secret!

There's a certain thrill to being pretty lowkey with who you're dating. People are obsessed with the element of “mystery” when it comes to that. Well, that makes WaysToMeet a good place for that.

If you're current love and sex life is boring, you'll surely appreciate this platform more because it has to potential to add a little spice to your life!

Hyping it is not enough. It is best we talk about WaysToMeet.com and what it can offer.

Find new WaysToMeet your date!

WaysToMeet promises the same thing other dating platforms do and that is to find you the perfect partner online. While it's pretty generic, at least this site gives you a bunch of options on how to do so.

That's why the site is called such. It pairs you with the ideal date where you can either take the fast route of one-night stands or the more traditional path of slowly building into a budding romance.

You'll need to be a member first before you can enjoy the platform. Signing up is free so you won't have to worry about paying upfront.

WaysToMeet membership

We pointed out the factor of paying upfront because creating your “free” account isn't what it seems to be. The site offers paid options to be able to enjoy more from the site. It can sometimes be that small factor that increases your success score with your date.

Once you've signed up, it's time to fill out your profile with the things people ask each other on dates like vitals, interests, and even intention. That way, you can already establish what you seek from WaysToMeet.

It is also important to indicate if you want to have a real relationship or just a fuck buddy. It's something that will come in handy if you are going to purchase credits and spend on gifts.

Meet your next date

The most important part of any dating site is the actual date itself. In order to get you closer to that, you'll need to be specific with your toggles. You can filter out your preferences according to what your tastes are in your ideal date.

Even the level of intimacy can be filtered out. If you're only after the basics like cuddling, you can find a cuddle buddy online. The same good if you want the dirty deeds and kinks. Even your desired sexual positions can be sorted out!

Once you've filtered it out and search, a bunch of results will come out and you're free to select whoever you think makes that initial spark. The possibilities are endless for as long as matches appear on your toggled search.

Final Thoughts on WaysToMeet

WaysToMeet.com may not be up there with the other dating platforms but it still has something good to offer. We could associate this more with the saturation of avenues rather than the performance of the site itself.

New dating sites and apps come out often so just like how you give new players a chance, it is worth giving WaysToMeet.com a try too. Membership is initially free anyway so you won't lose anything by trying. What is important is your happiness anyway.

While we couldn't vouch for WaysToMeet against the popular sites out there, we could still give it a thumbs up based on our experience. Expect its competitive offering to be the one to bring it to bigger heights in the future.

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