Every girl's dream is to meet her extremely handsome prince charming, who is more like a knight in shining armor. On the other hand, most guy's dream is to meet Cinderella in a beautiful dress and glass shoe. However, what if your prince charming and Cinderella doesn't appear for almost forever? Being unattractive to the opposite sex does not always have to be due to poor facial appearance. Some professional men and women spend about 42 hours at work. So, they find it very difficult to be in a relationship. Well, some people remain single due to their own fault.


Most people, especially girls become picky when it comes to relationships. They keep insisting on finding their type or finding “the one”. With this, they wait for eternity and then, grow to be undesirable by most men. The good news is that over 13 years ago, an online dating/relationship site was created. This site helps to connect people with pure love and even sex buddies, of course. The beautiful thing about Date Advisor is that you would be matched with many girls. You have to choose any one of your choices.

Can the Relationship Be Done Only Online?

Of course not! You can decide to meet your partner, personally, if the relationship goes that far. Well, we are referring to those who intend to have a long term and serious relationship. The truth about the relationship website is that a relationship does not always start and end on the site. On the Date Advisor website, some people end up meeting someone who they, later on, end up spending the rest of their lives with.  With Date Advisor, you can choose to do any of the following.

Have a Serious Relationship

Not everyone hates the idea of true love. Some do believe in finding the bone of their bone and the flesh of their flesh. After finding a person of your interest on the website, you could make a serious relationship with such a person, a relationship that could lead to marriage. You might be lucky enough with a relationship, and it is also possible to be unlucky. However, going through the website will make it easier for you to choose your partner.

Hook Up

Having a casual relationship with a person without any intention of future relationships is much better for some people. Some people lack interest in being in a relationship, and they only prefer fun.  Date-advisor is excellent for people like this. Even those in a relationship would be so interested in hooking up on Date Advisor.

You have a boyfriend but may still need to hook up. You have a girlfriend but still, need a secret babe, or you aren't in a relationship, and you are interested in having fun. With Date Advisor, it is possible to have so much fun flirting and hooking up with the opposite sex or the same sex. No romantic feeling attached, just for fun.


Do you enjoy flirting with girls while they flirt with you back? If you are unable to flirt, then you can try checking Date Advisor. There could only be fun if you and the girl are on the same page. Flirting can lead to many things, things that would sexually be of your advantage.

Online Sex

Just the sight of a naked person can help you to orgasm. All you need to do is to lie on a couch or bed and pleasure yourself. You can even do it from your phone. Online sex is also advantageous in a way. It prevents any form of sexually transmitted disease of any kind since you are not making any physical contact. All the person on the other side has to do is to talk dirty and get nake.


Another truth concerning online dating website is that not only those who intend to have a serious relationship, really have a serious relationship. Some of those who plan on only hooking up and having sex can also end up in a serious relationship. However, if you are not meeting the person physically, you don’t run the risk. You can sit down and enjoy an orgasm or two and go on your way.

Is Having a Relationship with the Same-Sex Possible?

Absolutely! It is so possible to meet a person of the same sex if you are sexually interested in them. It is possible to have a serious relationship, flirt, and have sex online with a person of the same sex. Not only can you end up with a partner of the same sex, but you can also end up being matched with a controlling freak. Those who love BDSM can get to engage in one on this site. It is also possible to have swingers, threesome, cybersex. Whatever might be your kink, you can always find something of interest on Date Advisor.

Date Advisor also provides you with Asian dating. So, if you want to hook up with someone from a specific ethnicity, go to Date Advisor and look for someone. Be it for flirting, or just checking out your partner or for a relationship, and you will find someone you like most.

Final Words

Date Advisor is a very advantageous website for some people. While it is not the only dating site around, we would recommend that to everyone. It's like an opportunity of a lifetime. Date Advisor has made it possible to find love and to have fun at the same time.

Instead of waiting for an eternity to meet ‘the one' or being stressed out because of not finding a lover, try visiting Date Advisor. Date Advisor has made it so easy to find that ‘the one' just through the internet. The site has made it possible to meet new people and have a relationship of any kind with them.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, visit the site, and make sure that you have an account. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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