Are you an adult performer desiring to be a star?

Why not make the most of digital technology via social media?

In this day and age of modern innovation, -(thanks to webcam sites) anyone can be famous-and that includes you!

Yes, YOU! 

Especially if you want to be an adult star, all you have to do is maximize social media platforms through a bookmarking site called

MyErolink is the shortened name for My Erotic Link. They feature profiles of cam guys and girls.

This Myerolink website was designed to provide an efficient platform wherein camera performers could promote themselves on numerous websites altogether and these include their own:

  •       Website
  •       Instagram account
  •       Twitter account
  •       Profile page on  a camera site
  •       Amazon wishlist
  •       Fan page hub
  •       Pornhub profile

 And so much more they want to include.

The Site’s Only Requirement

Take note that MyErolink still goes through the process of investigating if their members are ALL adult active cam models. Yes, that’s the single thing that the site requires from you in order to have your profile uploaded on MyErolink.

My Erlink’s Advantage Over the Other Platforms

Usually, cam performers are enabled to give only a single link at a time, such as Facebook or their IG. And this is the reason why they generated a site that models could make a page that they can group all the links they want to share to the world for FREE on just one custom URL.

See how convenient that is?

That’s already one massive advantage of MyErolink versus other services–its generosity against other sites that offer only 1 link for each of their adult models

        Zero ads.

        No other kinds of services are showcased on their website, which means that they run for a strict adult market. In short, there are fewer distractions whatsoever and more focus is given only on their affiliated cam performers.

        More importantly, their profiles are optimized properly so that it is easier to send traffic to the links of their cam models. Meaning, more visibility for them and more exposure.

        They also feature their cam stars’ main website with a dofollow link—this allows a considerable improvement on their official site’s visibility on the search engines, particularly on Google, which is a big plus if you want to make it big as an adult cam star!

        The site also gives you an opportunity to earn more money! Now that’s a very attractive benefit indeed!

        Their cam models would be presented on MyErolink and gather more instant visitors because just on their homepage itself, they already provide a list of:  

  1. the latest profiles that recently signed up
  2. the most viewed profiles (usually the most popular)
  3. the best profiles

 And speaking of money-making opportunities…

How Can You Make Money with MyErolink?

This site does not make it too complicated for people.

How they do it is that they partner with the affiliate platform So that all you need to do is to key in your affiliate number within your profile and then you can now earn money on those fresh new members that you refer to the cam websites.

See? It’s that easy!

This is like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.

Not only you get to be noticed and gain massive exposure as a cam model with lots of your social media channels under one roof, but with MyErolink, you can also earn big money if you get to refer as many cam performer friends along the way.

Self-Promotion Made Easy!

If you want to make a name for yourself as an adult cam model star, then it may necessitate a lot of effort on your part. Not to mention significant competition, because, with today’s technology, anyone can be popular

That’s why you need an effective platform to help you with your dreams of becoming a full-fledged cam model.

Therefore, it’s better to start your journey with MyErolink—this site makes your life easier because you can share not just a single link to your profile, but all those you wanted to share. So they don’t scrimp on you—they are actually being generous to their members.

Not to mention that every friend you refer can bring you money.

So there you have it. My Erolink is a good site to start if you want to make your dreams of becoming a famous adult cam model a reality.

It’s FREE!

Yes, you can try it for free and tell us how it goes!



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