X Cams Club

XCamsClub.com may look relatively young when compared to the other sex cam sites out there. But fear not, because they are able to deliver just the same, if not more. Founded in 2011, X Cams Club is the place to be for free sex cam shows you can access 24/7.

Most of the cam models featured in X Cams Club primarily works in Chaturbate. The latter is one of the most popular adult webcam sites today. This explains the uncanny resemblance in terms of their website interface. X Cams Club gives all their cam models free reign when it comes to what they want to do. Tipping prices, the sexual acts they are willing to do and NOT do, and the only ones who can enter the chat rooms are set by the performers themselves.

While the last one seems a bit standoffish to most people, you must understand that people can be disrespectful to sex workers like cam models. Thankfully, X Cams Club does not tolerate such acts, and allows the performers to ban or ignore anyone that they find uncomfortable and dangerous to be around. This rule not only protects their models. It also avoids the other views in having an unpleasant experience at the site.

Going back, X Cams Club may offer free shows to anyone who visits. But if you want to chip in and request something, most, if not all models, would require you to tip first.

They commonly put their “menu” in the “About Me” section. Before subscribing or choosing the cam model you want to watch, take the time to check out their profiles first. That way, you can also manage your expectations in terms of the sexual activities you want the model to do.

X Cams Club not only caters to horny men who would love to be pleasured by a horny woman who is willing to strip down and seduce them until they come. They have separate sections that cater to the different colors of the LGBTQ spectrum.

If you are a gay man looking for a jerk buddy, there is a specific space for you. If you are a bisexual that can’t decide if you want to pair up with a man or a woman, why not try both and check out the Couples section? Of course, transsexuals have a special corner for themselves in this adult cam site. X Cams Club values inclusivity. After all, sex is meant to be enjoyed by all, regardless of your sexual orientation.

Most of the cam shows are free. But if you want to show your appreciation to your favourite cam model, tipping is highly encouraged. This is one way to express your love and support. Some performers even give their generous tippers a shout out on their profiles. Some even grant a special request from their generous tippers as a way of thanking them. In short, tipping is a good investment. If you want to impress and build a relationship with your favourite cam performer, plant the seeds of tips as soon as you can!

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