If you don’t want to jump from one pin porn site to another, then Smutty is the site that you should keep in your web browser bookmarks. is a pin porn site that basically curates all porn-related content, which includes mostly photos and short videos. All content comes from different sites you can access all over the Internet.

To begin your journey in, you must create a profile first. Registration is free so you need not worry of having to pay for any product, service, or post you will see on the site. Once your profile is up, you can now browse through their catalogue and pin some posts. To pin a post on your own board, just like and comment on the post and it will automatically be included in your profile.

To search for some content, you can enter a hashtag in the search box or click on any tag you would see on the hashtags chart. Smutty uses thousands of hashtags to properly curate their content based on what it can offer the viewer.

What we love about this site is how user-friendly it is compared to other pin porn sites. Once you click on a post, a pop-up box appears where you can view it fully.

If you want to go to the next photo, click on the left and right arrow buttons on the screen. Or, if you are using a PC, use the arrow keys on your keyword. You also have the option to view all of their content randomly by clicking on the R key. For each click, the excitement of what you will see next slowly grows.

This site is a welcome change after watching tons of porn videos and playing some porn games. Visit today and look through the world of porn with fresh, new eyes!

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