Apart from trying to grow your fan page on Instagram, Facebook etc., the next stress comes when you want to become visible to attract brands that will like to work with you. This was my worry till I was introduced to by a friend. I reluctantly joined the website expecting nothing really.

However, the site became a game-changer as I began to land my very first contracts without having to search the internet and pitch random companies.

The simplicity of the website interface, registration process, matchmaking, payment etc., shows that most times the complex things do not automatically translate to be the most successful. Something that appears simple can yield so much result after all.

Prior to my encounter with Fansrevenue, I had already done so many complicated things like reaching out directly through pitches, sending backup emails etc., and none was as fruitful as what I consider a simple process that I followed in Fansrevenue.

There are various options for signing up. You can sign up with your email, Google account or Facebook. Once registered you have access all at once. You can see the available brand offers and then make a choice of what suits you. You have the ability to add your different social media accounts once you log in.

This will help brands know more about you and will boost your social engagement rating since that is what clients really want from you. It is also advisable to take the time and fill in your bio in simple words that accurately describe what kind of influencer you are.

See your bio as that one pitch that every brand will look at before hiring you and so make it worth their while. You can request approval from as many brands as possible. Once approved, you can begin to promote their services based on the terms stated.

Make sure to read the terms and know the requirements from each brand before you apply and carry on with the project. This will help you reach out to brands that are more related to your category and are most likely to hire you.

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