Crazy shit? Hmm… I think we can find tons of that on the Web. In fact, you might have watched some before. I know you're as guilty as I am, dude — fist bump! I have to admit that I have stumbled on some fucked up websites on “accident”. One of those is CrazyShit and it contains materials that are difficult to un-see. Have you ever gone down to a late-night rabbit hole of morally ambiguous sites? If you have, then you may already have an idea of what this adult platform has in store for you. CrazyShit is dedicated to nothing but uploading the sickest shit for all the fuck up porn lovers out there. Some that I saw were scat porn, suicide videos, snuff films, and other worse materials. If you're the kind of person who loves this kind of stuff, then you're in for a treat. You won't have any trouble finding everything that can feed your morbid mind. I guess no one is spared from this morbid curiosity. For instance, if a car accident happens, most people would stop for a while just to watch the twisted scene. The same goes online. Even if you already know that you're going to see some mind-boggling content, you'd still decide to jump. Going back to CrazyShit, I have to mention that it has gotten less crazy throughout the years. But I'm pretty sure that you may still satisfy your vile hedonistic pleasure.

Tamer but still fucked up

I know that this might be confusing for you. Yes, it's true that CrazyShit has a lot of shocking material that can please your inner sadomasochist. However, you might also want to take note that this site has already set a limit for what can and can't be posted. Well, only a little. A few years ago, I saw clips that contained sexual and physical abuse. One flick that I remembered is a guy busting a nut on another dude who was beaten half to death. Intense, right? Thankfully, this level of crazy has been lessened. If you check the site now, you may notice that it's on a tamer level. You know, less fucked up and less sinister. Honestly, I prefer this new version because I don't think I can take all those extreme vids. I don't want my relatively sound health to be affected. I really hope that it stays that way forever. After all, most of us might only want to be thrilled, not traumatized, and mentally scarred. Also, I don't think it's alright to advocate abuse and brutality. That’s why today, CrazyShit doesn’t usually post flicks that show abuse. Some titles you may see are “Dumbass of the Week Shoots Gun Instead of Taser”, “WTF is Wrong With Japan (Vol. 4)”, “4 Weapons You Don’t Normally Bring to a Fight.” As you can see on these titles I’ve mentioned, CrazyShit still features some crazy shit. But of course, it’s not as insane as jerking off on a person who’s half dead. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you can still find shitty videos on this platform. But at least, they’ve gotten their shit together and they’ve limited violent content.

Content that you can only find on CrazyShit

Aside from fucked up, funny, and crazy stuff, CrazyShit also has non-porn materials you can enjoy. Some videos are all about news. One that I recall seeing was titled “Wounded ISIS Soldier Abandoned by His Squad”. Although I’m really not sure how the uploader got their hands on the said clip. It only means that this platform is full of uncensored current events and impossible leaks.

Design and interface

At first glance, CrazyShit looked like your typical tube site in terms of design. The menu bar can be found on top of the page and the gallery of thumbnails are neatly organized below it. I tried exploring the menu bar and I saw different categories like extreme content (which is where the real crazy shits are stashed), Crazy Shit productions, bizarre, accidents, and many more. On the right of the category section, I found a list of friend sites. Some that I saw were Sex Dump, Daft Porn, Inhumanity, Kaotic, eFukt, Porn Games, Fap Chat, Slut Roulette, and PornDude.

Here’s my final say 

CrazyShit is not for everyone. But for those who have a fetish for this outrageous stuff, I’m pretty sure that they’d enjoy browsing the site’s content. Just in case you’re not into this kind of thing, you can always check out links to other sites on CrazyShit’s homepage. So yeah, browse at your own risk!

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