Where to Find The Best Erotic Stories – Literotica Review

Seeing the word “Literotica” already gives you an idea of what the site is all about. It gives you an idea of a list of erotic stories, search, and tags.

If you’re a fan of erotic novels, you’ll enjoy reading some online shorts because that’s where some of them start anyway. Some of them might even have learned the ropes through Literotica.

The site literally has a plethora of entries submitted by its users and that’s what we are going to talk about today.

Two decades of literary erotica

Fifty Shades of Grey suddenly becomes a child’s play once you read some of the entries on Literotica.

The site has been in the game for 20 years already. It’s impossible not to get a good story out of it. Even though you don’t find a certain entry you fancy, there’s a chance the other 49 million do.

Some erotic stories are up there as early as 90s porn back when websites used to look sketchy with dark-themed forums. It’s the only entertainment we get back in the age of dial-up since images used to take forever to load too.

The early days of Literotica gave us a fresher way to enjoy love and sex novels.

Enjoying dirty and naughty literature

Literotica has been in the game since 1998. We’d love to see how naughty literature has evolved during that time but it will take literally ages just to backtrack through everything.

Its community consists of different contributors. You engage in certain modes of communication like checking out the Bulletin Board or have a Live Chat with their members.

Those who want some dirty advice can Ask Aspasia and Fern on their column as well as check out the top contributors in Author Awards and Literotica Personals.

As for resources, there are some FAQs and Volunteer Editors and Writer’s Resources to help you get started if you want to make a career out of an erotic writer.

Bringing in the numbers

The site has brought in so many numbers that it managed to give free content for two decades already. That’s some decent funding from their sponsors especially when you’ve got to pay a bandwidth capable of 50+ million views a month. There’s probably some internal revenue from its holding company to keep a free site afloat that long. Also, consider the sponsor’s price too.

With numbers come hit or miss. Most users scroll until they come across something they find interesting. It’s so easy to miss on a good erotic entry due to the number of entries. That’s why they broke it up into 50 subcategories.

Our first Literotica experience
literotica bdsm

We tried experiencing Literotica the way we want to which means, we first checked the top stories before we went through categories.

It looked like an actual porn site without videos of a free porn tube site. Going around, we made sure we checked the usual popular ones like anal and MILFs. A personal favorite? BDSM.

Literotica sure knows how to tickle one’s imagination. Provided it still depends on the skill of the contributor, it’s still something worth unwinding on. Sometimes we just have to take a break from actual porn.

Surprisingly, your imagination gets so tickled that you imagine a picture of the scene of something you just read on your mind. You can still effectively beat your meat with it.

If only Literotica hasn’t established that they are sticking with the current design they have right now, they could have ended up as a sex version of Thought Catalog which will actually be better.

What we liked about Literotica

First and foremost, we liked how there’s over 50,000 stories we can choose from. It’s a subtle way to fulfill such erotic fantasies. In fairness to some freaky contributors, they sure know how to trigger libido.

We actually spent an entire 24 hours browsing through top stories in various categories. The incest stories aren’t something we condone but found entertaining despite the obvious cringe.

Titles can be as creepy as “A Mother’s Lust” to more escalated ones such as “She Helps with Daughter’s Husband.” These stories are too taboo to think of in real life but are entertaining on a literary level.

The general topics are also worth a read. You’re going to learn from them too as you go deep into reading multiple entries. It might even be the easiest way to get tips to up your erotic game.

We shared some of our filth too

Of course, we couldn’t help but test our literary skills too. We tried sharing some of our dirty BDSM fantasies. It made us happy how we were able to contribute in some way.

We posted one ala Christian Grey but instead of a charming alpha male, we chose a strong, soft-hearted female. Our goal is to please the majority of porn consumers which is predominantly male.

Speaking of, Literotica doesn’t choose any gender. The entries are very relatable regardless of sexual preference. Just don’t make one about pedophilia or bestiality because they won’t condone such.

Incest stories are allowed as long as it is age-appropriate. Maybe you can even contribute with your own discussion in the forums by asking if step-parents or step-siblings are still considered incest.

Since we are talking about fantasies, there are fictional stories of dragon rape and werewolf threesomes that get through. Those are written as fantasy stories though and not actual bestial actions.

We got a lot of engagement on a story of a rough step-sibling scene where they made a vow to wing each other into respective dates. They went as far as trying kink on each other just to hone their sex game.

Erotically satisfying

It’s safe to say by now that we were erotically satisfied with what we saw.

Literotica not only has some good reads but they also have good visuals like close-up pussy pics and tits. You’ll also see another side of creativity in the “illustrated” section where there are drawings that tell stories.

Basically, it should serve as an escape to the uptempo pace of actual sex videos. You can enjoy a more chill type of adult content through the artistic works of erotica.

You’ll actually enjoy these types of material once you read your first few entries. We kid you not when we say that you’ll get better jerk offs from these entries for a certain period of time.

Want to enhance your erotic creativity? The poetry section can give you that. The fact that you are reading creative rhymes about pussy and tits being blasted by a big black cock will get your imaginations running.

You can start with writing simple metaphors until it morphs into one mature sex entry. That’s how we got started when we became part of Literotica.