Miley Cyrus: What Happened to Hannah Montana?

Who would even forget about Miley Cyrus — the famous child star back in the day who played the title role of the Hannah Montana movie? And boy, was she a legit cutie with a unique voice. 

As years passed, we saw her transformation from being a Disney Star to being a smutty queen who loves to flaunt her body for the world to see. Yes, you read that right — Miley has been doing nude photoshoots and wearing revealing clothes during her performances. 

Whether you’re a fan or not, you’ll probably be interested in seeing her sexy body. Well, we’re pretty sure you had a sneak peek when she released the official music video of the song “Wrecking Ball.” That was also the first time we saw her wild side so no wonder it became a hit. 

Now, let’s dig deeper about Miley and her displays of nudity. Ready? Alright, here we go. 

Basic facts about Miley Cyrus


Before we stare at this former child star, singer, actress, and multimillionaire in her naked glory, maybe it’s best if we get to know some fun facts about her first. 

Miley was born as Destiny Hope Cyrus in Tennessee on November 23, 1992. So yeah, she’s a 90s kid. Now, maybe you’re wondering why she’s called Miley. Well, it’s a shortened form of her nickname which is Smiley as she often smiled when she was a child. 

Her father is the country singer Billy Ray Cyrus — she probably got her musical inclination from her dad. 

In 2008, Miley decided to legally change her name to Miley Ray Cyrus. 

Her first acting experience was on her dad’s TV show ‘Doc’. And from that, she skyrocketed to popularity when she landed the role of Hannah Montana on a Disney movie. Her father even played as her on-screen dad! Cute, right? 

But here’s the thing, Miley wasn’t really interested in the major role as she originally auditioned for the role of Lilly which was given to Emily Osment. 

After that, her acting career continued to bloom when she starred on different films like ‘LOL’ and ‘The Last Song.’ She even tried voice acting in Bolt and in The Guardians of the Galaxy as the Mainframe robot. 

She had several publicized relationships in the past including the one with Nick Jonas and of course, her marriage to Liam Hemsworth. 

You see, she had an interesting life and career journey. But enough of that — now, let’s get right to business. 

Miley Cyrus in the nude


Ever seen a topless photo of Miley

More or less, you’ve seen one as the internet is full of her partially naked photos. What more could you ask for, right? Hmm… maybe a nude photo? Well, you won’t be disappointed as Miley loves showing everything. She did plenty of professional photoshoots in her birthday suit and her nakedness is only concealed with body paint, or fruits strategically placed on her lady parts. 


It seems she’s teasing her fans to have a taste. And it’s working as they went gaga over her bare photos. 

Aside from that, she also enjoys wearing revealing outfits — yes, she often exposes her bum cheeks, nipples, and more. Now, that would be a heavenly sight!

When she’s performing on stage, she acts like she’s ready to get down and dirty anytime — and man, she looks well-prepared. On some clips during her shows, you can see her bouncing, licking, and grinding on what seem to be invisible penises. 

There’s one performance that stood out from the rest though — it’s where she was wearing a purple wig. She also rocked that no top outfit with a pair of fake tits hanging out and of course, let’s not forget about that enormous dildo she has on. Fans were ecstatic to see her sporting a 10-inch dildo, waving it around her. Well, some fans would have wished she used it to satisfy herself on stage — that would be extremely wild!


Miley seems to get the gratification by wearing tiny items of clothing that hide almost nothing. She even likes flashing her tight little pussy for everyone to see when she gets the chance. 

There are many pics of her during her performances wearing various risque outfits. Some fans even captured an upskirt photo of her and you might not believe your eyes when you find out that she’s not wearing any underwear

Wearing one-pieces is also her thing, so expect a display of ass cheeks. 

We even saw a video from one of her shows where she seems nonchalant when the audience starts stroking her breasts, grabbing her butt, and rubbing her down there. Oh, how we wished we were there, so we can share with you some firsthand experience stories!

Miley dating a girl — wait, what? 

Well, Miley isn’t really the kind who’s trying to hide her sexuality. As a matter of fact, she’s the exact opposite as she’s very open and confident about her experimenting and exploring with her sexual preference. 

And ever since she’s seen with a girl, fans became fascinated how Miley used her tongue to satisfy the gorgeous babe until she cums on her face. They even came up with an idea that maybe Miley used one of the dildos she brings on stage to fuck her girlfriend

We guess all that’s left to do now is to wait for the leaked sex tape — then maybe we can confirm what really happened and stop imagining scenarios in our mind.

Here’s our final say


Let’s face it — Miley was never embarrassed about her sexuality as well as what she loves to do sexually. Her fans saw everything already, from her boobs to her bum and pussy.

And yeah, she’s cool about it because she really loves getting naked. In fact, many people have seen her strolling on the beach in full nudity or shopping in see-through tops. Well, it would be perfect if she’ll transition into an adult star in the future!