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Are you familiar with the beautiful actress Alexandra Daddario? 

Well, if you think her name doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe you’ll be reminded who she is when we tell you she’s the one who played Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson series. Also, she’s famous for her roles in Baywatch, Hall Pass, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, and San Andreas. 

With her smokin’ hot body and enticing blue eyes, it’s not a surprise why many porn fans search for her sex videos online. Some were lucky to get a chance to watch clips of porn actresses who mimicked her style and looks. At least, that’s pretty close to fapping to this stunning babe, right?

All we can say is her body is jerk-off worthy — and you’d probably agree with us when you get a glimpse of her huge natural assets. She’s 5’8” tall, weighs 134 pounds, and measures 34-24-36. 

Alexandra was born in March 1986. Today, her total net worth is more than $8 million. 

If you’re wondering about her ethnicity, she’s of Irish, English, and Italian descent — we think that explains her unique beauty. 

There’s still a lot of interesting stuff you might want to know about Alexandra, so go on and read further. Just make sure you’re all alone so you can jack off anytime when things get steamier. 

Alexandra Daddario’s journey to fame

Alexandra Daddario in Baywatch

Alexandra is a famous actress in the acting industry — but many people want to see her naked. 

If you’re one of those people, then maybe you’d be content ‘for the meantime’ in watching several porn stars mimic how she’d look when she’s banged on cam. 

Now, maybe you’re wondering why people started to look at her as a fuckable chick. Well, it began when she landed a role in the movie adaptation of Baywatch. If you haven’t watched it before, you better check it out now because it’ll get you pretty close to seeing Alexandra in the nude. And apparently, you’ll then understand why fans go wild with the thought of her — we can’t blame them as she’s freaking hot!

Do you think so, too? High five dude — and welcome to Alexandra’s faps club! There’s no doubt that you’ll be easily turned on with her striking blue eyes and sensational figure. 

She has loads of jaw-dropping vids and pics on the internet. You’ll even see several photos of her in a bikini — and boy, you’d wish you’ll see her topless!

Alexandra Daddario in True Detective


We couldn’t agree more with fans who say that Alexandra is deliciously sexy. As a matter of fact, a lot of people admit to imagining her naked tits, but what they didn’t know is that she’s already done several nude scenes. So why rely on your imagination when you can actually see the real thing? 

Maybe this is the perfect time for us to check out the buck naked scenes of Alexandra Daddario. Ready or not, here we go!

Are you a fan of the HBO TV series called, True Detective? Well, if you’re not into this genre, maybe you’d change your mind once you learn that Alexandra went completely naked in this series. She showed everything — from her breasts to her ass, and a quick peek of her hairy bush. When this episode was aired, it’s no surprise that she got all the attention from her fans. 

Now let’s dig deeper into her character in True Detective. Alexandra played the role of a woman having an illicit relationship with a man. She entered the scene with no bra, only wearing a thin white top which made her nipples poke through. This made the fans very anxious to see her strip off her clothes. 

And then things start to get a bit kinky when she puts him in handcuffs, removed his tie, and took off her shirt — yes, our Alexandra is finally topless!


She played the role perfectly — a sassy sex vixen who enjoys teasing and being nasty. 

Alexandra didn’t just remove her top in this scene but also her shorts — and she did it slowly and voila! She’s exposing her bare buttocks! She then kissed the guy and went down on him for a nice BJ. 

Want more? Well, we think it’s best that you watch the series itself so you’ll get the gratification you wanted from watching Alexandra getting raunchy. True Detective can give you all that as it’s the only TV series that’s not afraid of showing what actresses got inside their undies. 

And that means you’ll get a view of her hairy pussy in this wild scene. Are you excited? Well, you got a lot of reasons to be. 

Alexandra Daddario in The Layover


Yes, there’s more! True Detective is not the only show who was blessed with Alexandra’s kinkiness. 

In the film The Layover, you’ll see her in an intense sex scene where she ends up being roughly pinned to a wall. How extreme can this get? Well, it’ll be like you’re watching some hardcore porn flick because Alexandra is now getting rammed in various sex positions. She made out with her on-screen partner standing up, in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, and of course, in the sensational doggy style position. 

You’ll instantly cum seeing her tits bounce up and down as she is being pounded hard in this movie. And she loved every minute of it!

Here’s our final say

Alexandra Daddario naked

Did you enjoy seeing Alexandra Daddario in her naked glory? Well, that’s not all she could offer as she has a lovable sassy attitude, too. You see, she’s got it—a total package!

Since she’s open to doing sex scenes, it’s highly likely that you’ll see more of her wild actions on camera. 

With her curvy body, gorgeous ass, flat abs, and fantastic tits, it’s inevitable that most of her fans have her sex tape on their wishlist. But, if you can’t wait for her porno movie to leak on the Web, you can still get close to masturbating to Alexandra once you check out her porn star lookalikes in different porn tube sites. So what are you waiting for — go and have some Daddario-themed fun now!