Best Place on the Web to Get Your Bedroom Essentials

Do you have an adult toy in your bedroom drawer

How many do you have? 

One? Two? Or maybe more than three? 

Well, there are no limitations to the number of sex toys you can have. If you’re allowed to have more than one pair of shoes, why can’t you have a closet full of adult toys as well? 

Unfortunately, shopping for these products can be challenging with the myriad of options available on the market. 

You’ll probably ask yourself several questions like…

“Which one is better and more realistic?”

“Can this give me the most intense vibrations?”

Yes, it can be tempting to just buy everything but that might cost you an arm and a leg — and what if some of those are not suitable for you? That’d be a total waste of money, right?

There are three types of adult toys that you can choose from: the powerhouse versions, the adorably small types, and the high-tech ones. 

Well, maybe you can have one of each, depending on your preference. 

To narrow down your options, you might want to visit Jerk Toy which is one of the most popular adult toy stores in the industry today!

What is Jerk Toy?

Jerk Toy is a company that has everything sex-related such as adult toys for men and women, lubes, and DVD movies!

So if you’re looking to increase your collection (or start one), this might be the perfect site to visit. 

With Jerk Toy, all your orders will be strictly confidential since the company abides by a discreet shipping protocol. 

It means that no one will ever know that you’ve ordered an adult toy — it’d only be between you and the company!

Tips on Buying Sex Toys on the Web

Jerk Toy Store

Several years ago, adult toys were taboo. 

Well, that’s before Fifty Shades of Grey was released!

While these pleasure toys are more acceptable today (thanks to Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele), you can’t just purchase one from Walmart or other big stores near you. 

Fortunately, there are many online stores that can offer you adult play stuff and most of them ship with discretion — it’s not like you should be ashamed of ordering one because jerking off is normal but it’s probably better if no one knows! 

Let’s think of it this way: Apparently not everyone has seen or read how Christian Grey brought Anastasia Steele to cloud nine with all the toys in the Red Room of Pain. 

So without further ado, here are the tips that you can follow if you’re planning to buy your new bedroom toy online:

Check for toxic materials prior to and before the purchase

Checking Sex Toy


Sex toys get in contact with sensitive areas of your body so it might be best if you check what kind of materials was used for the toy that you’re going to purchase. You can search on the internet about which materials you should avoid at all costs!

While many online stores are legit, there are only a few regulations that control the materials that can and can’t be used on adult toys. It only means that even the renowned companies in the market might unconsciously or consciously sell products that are unhealthy to use. 

So what types of materials should you avoid?

Keep away from PVC toys that contain phthalates — it can cause negative effects on your health especially if used for a long period. 

You can choose non-toxic plastics but the best options are glass, metal, and silicone toys. 

Those can be pricey but it’d probably be worth it in the long run!

Moreover, you can try to smell the product to assess its toxicity level. If you’re ordering online, you can do this once you receive your delivery. 

PVC adult toys can be determined by its strong chemical smell so sniff it and find out!

If a toy has a see-through or translucent appearance, it’s highly likely that it’s made from unhealthy plastic and you’d probably want to stay away from those as well.

Fortunately, Jerk Toy offers a plethora of safe options for its customers. It means that there’s a big chance that you can find your ideal adult toy on this website. 

Remember that practicing safe sex isn’t only applicable when you’re with a partner but also when you’re going solo! Better safe than having the worst erotic experience of your life!

Find stores with discreet shipping policies

Non-discreet shipping


Even people who are open-minded might not feel comfortable receiving a box with the name of the adult toy company in big bold letters. 

Thankfully, Jerk Toy got you covered with their discreet shipping policy. 

If you want to know more about their rules regarding the shipment process, you can read their FAQs area. 

We understand that you’re in doubt. Maybe you’re wondering if they can really fulfill their promises and claims. 

With that said, it’d probably be best to read customer reviews on the site to determine if there’s any negative feedback received. 

If Jerk Toy can really walk the talk, you can avoid those awkward glances from your family members or roommates. 

What’s the most popular male sex toy on Jerk Toy?


If vibrators are the most well-known playthings for females, what’s the best buy for men


Yes, Fleshlight, with the “e”! Sounds like “flashlight”, eh? Well, it actually looks like one unless you take a closer look and feel.

More and more men are apparently starting to discover the pleasure that adult toys have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you have extreme or sensual lusty appetites, male novelty play toys can highly likely bring you to heights you’ve never been before!

Using the fleshlight can help you and your partner develop a stronger connection. But if you’re single, this adult toy can help you crave a little more attention when used frequently.

Ordering sex-related stuff like men’s sex toys on Jerk Toy can help you be adventurous with your choices because there are no prying eyes watching you as you take your pick. Visit Jerk Toy now to open the door to endless possibilities!